LOVEaroon™ A Coconut Bar You'll Love

Vegan • No Soy* • Gluten Free • Flourless • Non GMO • Paleo Friendly • High Fiber • No Trans Fats • 4 Natural Ingredients • 6 Decadent Flavors 

A healthy candy bar alterNUTive
Clean • Cool • Moist • Delicious • Energizing

Coconut Allergen Statement
The FDA lists coconut as a "tree nut". There are other opinions on this. Upon research the coconut fruit is considered a "drupe" as well as a "tree of life." It is also stated that most who are allergic to peanut and tree nuts do not have issues with coconut, and those who do have allergic reactions to coconut are not necessarily people who are allergic to "tree nuts" & peanuts.

* Only the two Chocolate Flavors contains soya lecithin.