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Healthy Fuel - Healthy You

— Get a kickstart to any part of your day with our selection of Vegan, Gluten Free heart shaped energy bars. Choose from Oat bars, Coconut bars, even Hemp bars to satisfy your hunger while sustaining and balancing your body with healthful fuel. No blood sugar spikes. No low crashes. Anytime, anywhere, share a heart. Humans love ‘em. Horses do too!

Heart Thrive Apple



Apple and cinnamon are a compatible pair —and they nestle nicely in the oatcake. Bites of apple and oats help to jump start your day. . . and keep the doctor away.


Tiny heartGoodbye, bread. Hello Apple oatcake. Your products help me stay gluten free."—W.C. Seattle, WA

 Vegan • Gluten Free • Non-GMO • Low fat • Low Glycemic • Clean Burning • Whole Grain • Good Source of Protein & Fiber & Calcium • No Trans Fats • Low Sodium • Dairy Free • No Wheat • No Cholesterol • No Preservatives • Nut Free • No Added Oils • Sustained Energy • Doctor & Clinic Recommended

  At the Healthy Baking Company, we take pride in our all natural, whole grain energy bars. Everything we produce is vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and baked in the San Francisco Bay Area. These products stand out amongst the competition due to their large size, their low glycemic sweeteners, and no added oils.



The Healthy Baking Company's products are good for your heart, and made from ours.

To health-conscious earthlings we promise:

    • A short list of ingredients, including ALL flavors & spices
    • Mostly oats, as well as brown rice syrup, rice bran, fruit, and extracts
    • High-protein, high-fiber, low-fat snacks
    • Long-lasting clean fuel for the body to sustain energy
    • Easy to pack, easy to eat, easy to digest, easy to enjoy. And not TOO sweet.

    Tiny heart“Heart Thrives got me up Mount Kilimanjaro!! Every night I would wake up in my tent with a gnawing hunger and my tent mate and I would share a pack of Heart Thrives. It was our 2 a.m. routine. Thanks for helping me up the mountain." - C.F. Charleston, SC

    So whether you’re hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro or pushing a stroller to a local park, The Healthy Baking Company is devoted to fueling your journey with wholesome, great tasting energy bars.