We ARE "THE Bar" --- "The Healthy Energy Bar" --- formerly California Suncakes & Heart Thrive. Same great recipe.



1) OAT BARS: The Healthy Energy Bar (THE Bar)


2) COCONUT BARS: Maxaroon

Product Flavors & Details


Product Flavors & Details

For the Health-Conscious


Vegan / Gluten Free / Organic / Non-GMO / No Trans Fats / No Added Oils / Nut Free / Soy Free / Low Fat / Low Glycemic / Good Source of Protein & Fiber / Whole Grain / No Refined Sugars (see labels) / Rich in Calcium / Low Sodium / Dairy Free / Flour-less / No Cholesterol / No Preservatives / Wheat Free / Omega 3's & 6's / Real Fruit / Doctor & Clinic Recommended

  • Hang 10 with All Day Fuel ...

  • Balancing, Sustainable Care Package Cool ...

  • Excellent Energy for any Athlete ...

  • Moms First Choice for that Healthy Treat ...

  • Suitable for even a Toothless Kid ...

  • Toss one in your Travel Luggage ...

Hang 10 with All Day Fuel ...

Balancing, Sustainable Care Package Cool ...

Excellent Energy for any Athlete ...

Moms First Choice for that Healthy Treat ...

Suitable for even a Toothless Kid ...

Toss one in your Travel Luggage ...


 "One a day, and I'm on my way. The best 'meal' replacement I've found. The Healthy Energy Bar sustains me through the whole morning. I take a Maxaroon for my late afternoon work-out."

A. Flynn of Upstate NY

"I can't get enough of this fantastic energy treat. It's a blessing for me to have found these gluten free healthy bars that actually taste delicious. Thank you." Bonus -- my children love the oat bars.

P. Caroll of Chicago, IL

"I'm a tennis coach. I can't get through a match without this perfect energy. My students are hooked too! Oh and I must say, they are great for bike rides too."

G. Walson of Los Angeles, CA

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in 2020 California Suncakes & Heart Thrive were re-branded "The Bar" the Healthy Energy Bar

Goodbye California Suncakes Package. Hello "THE Bar"

Our beloved "hockey pucks" (the originally pioneered “healthy” energy bar) has been re-branded to "The Healthy Energy Bar" with 2 great additional flavors: Chocolate Chip & Raisin Spice. Thank you for 3 decades of health. We look forward to your continued support.

Goodbye Heart Thrive Package ... Hello "THE Bar"

Our famous and beloved double-hearted Heart Thrive oat bars were re-branded in 2020 to “The Healthy Energy Bar.” Same great recipe. Same great flavors — with one addition: Chocolate-Orange. Thank you for 3 decades of loyalty and testimonials. Parting is such sweet sorrow. But never fear. Heart Thrive won’t completely disappear! We now give you one heart to love. From our heart to yours.

Our Rebrand...THE Bar

Our recipe hasn't changed. Our packaging has. For over 30 years health conscious folks have enjoyed our original oat bars (California Suncakes and Heart Thrive) and you can still enjoy the same goodness inside our re-branded package now called  The Healthy Energy Bar ("THE Bar")  Continue enjoying all 8 flavors of Perfect Food. Taste the Genius.


10 promises to our Health-Conscious earthlings:

1) No fads. No frills. No fuss. Just honest to goodness common sense genius.

2) Sustained and balanced energy to fuel your body in a healthful way. Easy to pack. Easy to eat. Easy to digest. Easy to enjoy.

3) Always gluten-free. Always vegan. Always so much more......or less!!!

4) A short list of low glycemic ingredients, of mostly organic heart-healthy oats, as well as health-giving brown rice syrup, real fruit (or chocolate), and extracts. With rice bran, fruit juice, & added calcium.

5) Honest and factual nutrition facts. Honestly!

6) Sourced local & national first.

7) Baked yesterday. Packaged today. Shipped tomorrow.

8) No outsourcing. No warehousing. No distributors. We keep it small -- baking in our own Oakland, CA facility to retain a controlled environment without the possibility of cross-contaminants.

9) At your service. We are 'old-school.' Leave a message. If we don't answer the phone, we WILL return your call. Or email us at: orders@TheHealthyBakingCo.com

10) Still the same great bars to love. Good for your heart, and made from ours.

Your loyalty has earned us 40 years... and counting. Thank you.