HandleBAR -- 3 NEW COCONUT BAR FLAVORS -- Cacao Chili --- Chocolate Vanilla --- Spiced Chai



The Healthy Baking Company specializes in vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, nut free energy bars. Our no fads, no frills, honest to goodness approach has gained us many loyal fans. We make heart-healthy, heart shaped products that are nutritiously sound. Naturally energizing fuel for ANY body -- these bars balance & sustain without the blood sugar spikes, or low crashes. We take pride in our products. The quality of organic ingredients we use, and the testimonials we receive speak volumes. Your patrons are ours too, so we want you to have the best for them. 


SEE BELOW FOR OUR PRODUCT LINE OF:                                                        

Heart-shaped Oat Bars and Oat/Coconut/Hemp Bars. And bar shaped Coconut Bars



In 1982 'Joy of Cookies' began with the "all-American cookie." A decade later (at the request of our cookie customers) we entered the world of healthy superfoods, and created a perfect food. We put "healthy" into energy bars and word of mouth helped us to spread our boundaries from local to nationwide You can find us at health food stores, cafes, specialty markets, juice bars, gyms, start-ups, movie sets, college campuses, hospitals, and the like. 



We are in almost every state in the union, but not nearly everywhere. We have no brokers, or state wide sales reps, or distributors, so we are still a new bar to so many stores and consumers. Folks are so surprised to receive the gift of samples and can't believe they've never heard of us, and how fast they move from their counter tops and shelves. Each new product line is a new big hit, while the original bars stay tried and true to our ever growing loyal fan base. It feels like a start-up (especially post-Covid) because many many establishments that we served permanently shut their doors, and we are still a very small company. 

Contact us to try some.


WE HAVE STAYING POWER:                                                                      
Folks get addicted to these bars. Just one bite and customer delight. Athletes, toddlers, seniors, travelers, nursing moms, students, and basically every walk of life that has a hunger for a nutritious treat. We cater to the health-challenged and the healthy conscious alike. Those with gluten sensitivities, IBS, diabetes, obesity, heart issues, etc. all love our heart bars. Check out our page of testimonials. They're Vegan and Gluten Free. They're Nutritious AND Delicious. Your patrons will be back for more. Guaranteed.   



We do not use distribution channels as to avoid warehousing our natural and preservative-free products which are baked in small batches and shipped direct to you via UPS & USPS from our Oakland, CA facility. Shipping has been on us for 40 years. And now, as of June 1, 2022 with the crazy rising costs of goods and fuel and operating expenses we began sharing the shipping cost.


ALLERGENS: We do not outsource. Baking in our small home-grown bakery helps us keep an environment that we can control without the possibility of cross-contamination. Allergens out. And as fresh as fresh can be.


ESSENTIAL FOOD: Feel free to help us market our products in your establishments. Our bars were made with your health-conscious patrons in mind. Essential fuel in so many ways, to so many folks… every day.



Many loyal fans know us as we were for almost 3 decades: Heart Thrive & California Suncakes.




NEW (re-brand):

In March of 2020 we rebranded to The Healthy Energy Bar ("THE Bar")             

8 great flavors. Same great recipe. And along with a new trendy updated package design -- we attracted a younger demographic -- and of course our old fans remain gold. Loyalty speaks volumes.





We do NOT have a merchant 'store' per se, so below are your wholesale prices. For these prices, they must be ordered direct by calling 510.658.3700 or email us at: Orders@TheHealthyBakingCo.com 


The Healthy Energy Bar: "an oat 'meal' to get you going"  


WS: $21.32/dozen ($1.77/2oz heart) --- Ret: $2.79-$3.35 (as of July 1, 2023)

8 great flavors: Got Apricot, Cranberry Orange, Apple Cinnamon, Delightful Date, Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Chip, Raisin Spice, Chocolate Orange



Coffee House Bar: "a cookie without the B.S. (No Bad Stuff)"

WS: $21.52/dozen ($1.79/2oz heart) --- Ret: $2.79-$3.35 (as of July 1, 2023)

4 flavors: Hot Hot Cacao, Chai Chai Chai, Mexican Coffee, Ginger Brew'd

Many cafes carry these in the unwrapped version. See 'Bar in a Jar.'            They include the extra Matcha Green Tea flavor. 



Bar in a Jar: "a cookie without the B.S. (No Bad Stuff)"   

WS: $21.52/dozen ($1.79/2oz heart) --- Ret: $2.79-$3.35 (as of July 1, 2023)

5 coffeehouse flavors: Hot Hot Cacao, Chai Chai Chai, Mexican Coffee, Ginger Brew'd, Matcha Green 

This is the UN-wrapped version of Coffee House Bar with one additional flavor (Matcha Green Tea). 

They are displayed and served from our cookie jars (one flavor/jar) and each jar holds 12-15 heart-shaped bars. Some cafes have room for one jar and sell 16 dozen in a month. Some have 2 flavors and some have space for 5 jars!

Packed in one dozen increments in a plastic twist-tied bag with a colored tissue (that matches the color of the jar-tag) in between each bar.

Handsome flat-topped acrylic air-tight jars sold separately which include a hanging jar tag stating the flavor, ingredients, and nutritional facts. Unless you have an airtight jar we highly recommend using these affordable jars. With a tight fit, they should last 6 weeks with the jar closed after each service. But most order every 3-4 weeks.

Load your jars (a single flavor/jar) by stacking neatly one on top of the other. Then gently drop a few down the sides. Loosely. A tight fit will cause breakage.

Excellent for cafe counter tops. You’d be surprised how fast they fly out of these jars. We say, “one smell and they sell." So if you have a curious customer, simply open the jar. They’ll soon be a consumer, and back for more!

May keep back-stock in freezer. NOT refrigerator 


Maxaroon: "a not too sweet coconut treat" 


WS: $21.52/dozen ($1.79/2oz heart) --- Ret: $2.79-$3.35 (as of July 1, 2023)

Six gluten free, vegan, soy free decadent coconut flavors: Minty Chocolate, Sea Salty Maple, Ginger Pina Colada, Chocolate Orange, Lemon Poppy Seed, Yellow Curry Ginger

Packed by the 1/2 dozen.

isplay on end tables, counter, or register. We do not recommend an aisle shelf as these bars are an impulse item and not a household name. Aisle items are familiar items. Counter tops are where patron shop.    

Clip strips are also available for display.                                              

Neither refrigeration nor freezer is necessary. 

3 month shelf-life. 


HandleBAR - "Coconut fuel to Ride On!"


WS: $21.52/dozen ($1.79/2oz heart) --- Ret: $2.79-$3.35

Six gluten free, vegan, soy free decadent coconut flavors: Just Ginger, Mocha Java, Matcha Green, Chocolate Vanilla, Cacao Chili, Spiced Chai.

Packed in 1/2 dozen bags.

Display on end tables, counter, or register. We do not recommend an aisle shelf as these bars are an impulse item and not a household name. Aisle items are familiar items. Counter tops are where patrons shop.                                    

Clip strips are also available for display.

Neither refrigeration nor freezer is necessary or recommended.

3 month shelf-life. 



SHIPPING charges shared -- no minimums.

CA (local) = up to 6.5 dozen under $10.00. From 7-15 dozen $10.35-$14.55. Discounts over 23 dozen.

CA = up to 6.5 dozen under $11.00. From 7-15 dozen $10.65-$14.65. Discounts over 23 dozen.

CA,OR,NV,UT = up to 6.5 dozen under $11.00. From 7-15 dozen $12.15-$16.65. Discounts over 23 dozen.

AZ,CO,ID,MT,NM,WA,WY = up to 6.5 dozen under $11.00. From 7-15 dozen $13.45-$20.55. Discounts over 23 dozen.

ND,NE,SD = up to 6.5 dozen under $13.00. From 7-15 dozen $13.85-$23.85. Discounts over 23 dozen.

AR,IL,IA,KS,LA,MN,MO,OK,TX,WI = up to 6.5 dozen under $13.00. From 7-15 dozen $15.35-$28.95. Discounts over 23 dozen.

AL,CT,DC,DE,FL,GE,IN,KY,MA,MD,ME,MI,MS,NC,NH,NJ,NY,OH,PA,RI,SC,TN,VA,VT,WV = up to 6.5 dozen under $13.50. From 7-15 dozen $17.25-$32.45. Discounts over 23 dozen.

The more ordered the lower the unit price when adding in shipping.


Display at end tables or register. Please not in aisles. Keeping your displays fully loaded is appealing to consumers.

PLEASE FREEZE back stock. PLEASE NOT cooler/refrigerator which will dry them out. Use the freezer as your display, or to store until your display needs reloading.

FREE BOX DISPLAYS                                                                                            Save your box displays for refills with your following orders. Additional free displays may be ordered. Some stores use one box per flavor, while others mix i& match n a single display. Some have a few displays throughout their store.

COOKIE JARS for 'Bar in a Jar' are $11.00. The first one is FREE.

SHELF-LIFE outside the freezer could be 3 months. We recommend freezing what you don't fit in your display for your order of The Healthy Energy Bar and CoffeeHouse Bar. Please do not put near heat generating objects or direct sunlight with the exception of the Maxaroon & HandleBAR which likes to be room-temp and does not need to be frozen. On a cold day those coconut become hard, and are best enjoyed slightly softened. There is a 4-digit packaged date code stamped on each unit showing a letter to correspond to the month, a 2-digit code for the day of the month, and a 4 at the end signifying the year. The three-four month shelf life does not begin until they are removed from freezer. The date code is to refer to if you have a problem with that particular bar/unit.

CALL if you have an issue. The phone # is on the display & on the individual packages. And right here..... 510.658.3700                            

PAY monthly by check (the old-fashioned way), or via credit card.  

ORDERING: We are still here (half-time) doing what we do best. Making great bars and calling you (the old-fashioned way) every month to see what we can send your way. Likewise, you too may email, fax, or call (leave us a message) with your order:


ph: 510.658.3700   (Press 1 to skip outgoing message, then leave a message) 

fax: 510.652.2361



Tiny heart"Excellent products for a vegan!  Would suggest more people and vendors give this product a try.  I'm thrilled to have stumbled across it -- such an excellent source of nutrition! Thanks so much!" K. Krebs Florence, KY

Tiny heart"A very efficient merchant with very easy to understand shipping policies. I love shopping where I know what I am dealing with and when I am going to get my product." - C.B. Santa Cruz, CA

Tiny heart"Learning about all the good ingredients inside your food bars is really amazing – it just proves that people can make healthy packaged food and that even us busy New Yorkers can eat right on-the-go." - B.M. New York, NY 

Tiny heart"This is the only healthy snack bar I can eat, I can tolerate some of the small amounts of allergens like the soy, and I feel great after eating one. So if you ever go out of business I don't know what I will do short of asking you for the recipe!" - Clayton R.L.(email)

Tiny heart"I love these snacks. They are delicious, nutritious, and satisfying. I highly recommend them to everyone. They respond quickly to orders and I am always surprised at how fast they arrive. Thank you." - H.E. North Andover, MA

Tiny heart “The world needs more merchants that conduct business like The Healthy Baking Company!  They provide excellent customer service. They have a genuine concern for customer satisfaction. I do A LOT of internet purchasing, and rate them among the "top 3" of companies I purchase from regularly. Top notch products and service!" - V.S. Cosby, MO 

Tiny heart"I am an obesity researcher at a food policy institute so I am especially inclined to pay compliments when I come across worthwhile food products. Our world is full of processed foods, the staple of the American diet. A healthy unprocessed snack or meal replacement (especially one made in an environmentally friendly way) always makes me happy." - C.D. New Haven CT           

                                                                                                                                SAMPLES FOR YOU
Are you new to discovering us? Or can we get you back on track? Let us know, and we'll send some free variety pack samples for you to sell. Selling is the best way to gauge customer interest. We only ask for a $12.00 shipping charge. We are confident that your patrons will love these heart-y, healthy, & great tasting heart-shaped energy bars. And we have had our new coconut bars on the market only since Fall, and they have proven to be a hit as well. One time offer! We can't afford to give away the farm any longer since so many small businesses we once served have shut their doors for good. But we are happy to get you going on our line of bars. Guaranteed to sell.



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