We ARE "THE Bar" --- "The Healthy Energy Bar" --- formerly California Suncakes & Heart Thrive. Same great recipe.

Product Detail - The Healthy Energy Bar

(THE Bar)

Serving the health-conscious for 40 years. Perfect Food. No fads. No frills. No fuss. Taste the Genius of Common Sense. Good nutrition is timeless, and these bars have staying power. What a healthy & fine tasting habit to become addicted to. Many already have!  Check out the testimonials here. 

The Healthy Energy Bar "an oat'meal' to get you going.

Rebranded from 'Heart Thrive' & 'California Suncakes.'  

Still the same great recipe. This heart-smart, heart-healthy, heart-shaped bar is a tasty and nutritiously delicious oat-'meal' replacement -- providing fuel to balance, energize & sustain for hours -- any time of day, anywhere you are. Keep one handy!

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Nut Free, Low Glycemic, Naturally Sweetened, Organic, Low Fat, and so much more. Plus it's doctor and clinic recommended

From athletes on the trail, to families on a trip, or anyone simply in need of a work day or play day 'pick-me-up,' these oat bars are for adults and kids alike. With your health in mind. For the health-conscious and the health-challenged alike. And for those on the cusp of turning the lifestyle corner - you'll be satisfied beyond belief. Guaranteed.  

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We've got:  

Got Apricot? 


Cranberry Orange 

Apple Cinnamon 

Delightful Date 

Lemon Poppy Seed 

Chocolate Chip 

Raisin Spice 

Chocolate Orange


- Keep extras stored in your freezer.

* The FDA was the first to claim that oats are good for your heart.

* Refined sugars in flavors containing chocolate.