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Product Detail - The Healthy Energy Bar


Serving the health-conscious for 40 years. Perfect Food. No fads. No frills. No fuss. Simply Honest to Goodness delicious nutrition. Taste the Genius of Common Sense. Good nutrition is timeless, and these bars have staying power. What a healthy & fine tasting habit to become addicted to. Many already have!  Check out the testimonials here. 

The Healthy Energy Bar "an oat'meal' to get you going.

Rebranded from 'Heart Thrive' & 'California Suncakes.'  

Still the same great recipe. This heart-smart, heart-healthy, heart-shaped bar is a tasty and nutritiously delicious oat-'meal' replacement bar -- providing fuel to balance, energize & sustain for hours -- any time of day, anywhere you are. Keep one handy....just in case. And don't plan on eating a meal after this 'meal!'

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Nut Free, Low Glycemic, Naturally Sweetened, Organic, Low Fat, and so much more. Plus it's doctor and clinic recommended. 

From athletes on the trail, to traveling families, or anyone simply in need of a work day or play day 'pick-me-up,' these oat sport protein bars are for adults and kids alike. For the health-conscious and the health-challenged alike. And for those on the cusp of turning the lifestyle corner - you'll be satisfied beyond belief. Guaranteed. With your health in mind.... Because Health Matters!

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We've got:  

Got Apricot? 


Cranberry Orange 

Apple Cinnamon 

Delightful Date 

Lemon Poppy Seed 

Chocolate Chip 

Raisin Spice 

Chocolate Orange


- Keep extras stored in your freezer.

* The FDA was the first to claim that oats are good for your heart.

* Refined sugars in flavors containing chocolate.