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It's what the doctor ordered


See below for doctor and clinic endorsements.                                                                                                                                                                                            Not only was the FDA the first to claim that 'OATS are good for your heart', but medical professionals endorse our products, not only because they taste great but more importantly they are a healthy alternative for those with

gluten intolerance, diabetes, IBS, weight management issues, and other health challenges that processed food and sugars seems to exacerbate.                                We do not make any medical claims on our products, however the FDA thinks we do. But we don't. We simply hear the testimonials from our customers. Below are the words straight from the mouths of some of our paying customers. Some happen to be in the health profession -- some working in reputable medical firms, and sharing what they deem nutritious and delicious with their patients. That is all. They give their credentials, and they share our products. See our heart-felt reviews section for more.

A word on the FDA: One would certainly think THEY too would endorse a healthy food item, after all isn't the word 'food' part of what they cover (F for Food), and didn't they claim 'oats are good for your heart'? Yes on both, yet seems rather than thanking us for making good food, they'd prefer to find something -- the most minute thing they can possibly find (like one well-baked crumb on an empty table!) to write us up, Perhaps they easily pass the processed food companies so that Americans will end up with health challenges and take the expensive drugs (D for Drug) the FDA deems acceptable. 



"I recommend The Healthy Baking Company products to my patients and include them as smart nutrition in my classes..." ~~ Barb Silver, RNC, MS, FNP.  -- Director, Women's Health Resource Center. Educator in diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and menopause -- California Pacific Medical Center

“The Healthy Energy Bars are a great way for anyone concerned with their health to add whole grains (from oats and brown rice) in a tasty, high fiber, and low fat snack. These heart healthy bars give our patients with diabetes a good balance of fat, carbs and protein…” ~~ Catherine Kessler, RD, CDE  -- Diabetes Care Manager -- Kaiser Oakland Diabetes Clinic

“The Healthy Energy Bars are presented as ready-to-eat 'meals' and snacks to patient groups looking for healthy ways to maintain blood sugar balance with slow-burning, low-glycemic nutrition.”  ~~ Ann Doherty, Manager, RN  -- CDE Alta Bates Summit -- Diabetes Center

“These oat heart bars are food after my own heart—high in fiber and good for the body. I recommend them highly as a wholesome alternative to other bars." ~~ Elson Haas, M.D. -- Integrated Medicine Physician -- Founder/ Director, Preventative Medical Center of Marin -- Author of books: "Staying Healthy With Nutrition," "Staying Healthy With The Seasons," and "The False Fad Diet."



"I'm an obesity researcher at a food policy institute, so I am especially inclined to pay compliments when I come across worthwhile food products. We live in a world of processed foods, and they are the staple of the American diet. So, when I see a healthy unprocessed snack or meal replacement (especially one made in an environmentally responsible way), it makes me happy." - C.D. New Haven, CT

"Outstanding Products. By eating the heart oat bars twice daily in my 'Body For Life' Fitness & Eating program, I have dropped 7 lbs. in 20 days. They are a perfect carb/protein balance as a meal, and a great energy booster to take on a bike ride." C.S., Ellicot City, MD

"I am part of the Dean Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program and will be passing along your products to other folks." - R.F. Billings, MT

"I am recently gluten-free and semi-veg. Wow, what a difference a little healthy change will do. What the heck have I been waiting for?" T.F. (RN, BSN)

"Wonderful product. I had gastric bypass done and have been eating 2 chocolate chip hearts per day. They make up 2 of my 5 meals per day." - W.R., Sioux City, IA

"Where to begin? Your oat bars have become an indelible part of my morning breakfast, and a great travel aid. Since I began eating them, my HDL cholesterol (the 'good' kind) has risen. Now it's about half of my total cholesterol. Any cardiologist will tell you that a ratio of 1/2 is about the best they've seen. Top notch company." K.Y (no city given)

"I have IBS. I eat 2 hearts every day. They're portable, which is good for people with blood sugar issues like me. I order them once a month, they come shockingly fast and I've never had a delivery problem." - E.S. Berkeley, CA

"I live off of Heart Thrives, literally. They are the staple of my diet. As a college student with IBS, it's hard for me to find food that's fast, nutritious, and won't make me sick. Plus they're perfectly portable!" - N.S. Redlands, CA

"Feeling satisfied after a good snack is one thing, but knowing how positively it has impacted your health is quite a bonus! Ever since I discovered Heart Thrives at a local coffee shop, they have become a staple in my diet. I am thrilled with this product and how it has contributed towards my goal of leading a healthy lifestyle." - D.D. Pittsburgh, PA

"Thrilled to find these in a cafe in Dorchester, MA. I have an eclectic list of food sensitivities, and these dodge every one!"- A. Chamberlaine Jefferson City, MO