HandleBAR -- 3 NEW COCONUT BAR FLAVORS -- Cacao Chili --- Chocolate Vanilla --- Spiced Chai

Photo Gallery

Real People Posing with Real Food.

Hikers, Bikers, Travelers, Tots.

Hangin' Ten, Hanging Tight, Eating Right.

Kissin' it, Chowin' it, Happy with it. Gotta Get It.



Share a Heart. It's heart smart.



Nutritious & delicious for a young life.




Donning masks. Donning a sash. Wearing a smile. Fueling that extra mile.


Drop by our Oakland facility. Ring the doorbell. Get a free bar.


Biking. Cycling. Competing. Eating. Because Health Matters.




More than comforting. Packs a hearty snack.


Pocketing. Pledging. Cranberry.


At work. At play. A beloved old package. But recipe the same.




Travels well. Good mood emergency food.


Hearty. Healthy. Happy.



I think I ate the whole thing


Surfing. Loving. Sniffing a sugar pine. Be mine.





Chilling. Willing. Perfect Food. Peace Oat.