California Suncakes & Heart Thrive is The Healthy Energy Bar. Same gluten free & vegan recipe.

Photo Gallery


Real People Posing with Real Food.

Hikers, Bikers, Travelers, Tots.

Hangin' Ten, Hanging Tight, Eating Right.

Kissin' it, Chowin' it, Happy with it. Gotta Get It.


Donning masks. Donning a sash. Wearing a smile.


Walk by the Oakland facility. Ring the doorbell. Get a bar!


Biking. Cycling. Competing.    Eating . . . a bar!




 More than comforting. Don't leave home without a heart.


At work. At play. On a getaway.


They travel well. Round the world. Pack your hearts.

 One big bite of goodness.


I think I ate the whole thing.

Surfin'    Lovin'    Sniff a Sugar Pine    Be Mine 




 Chilling. Willing. Wandering. Peace 'Oat'