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Fueling health-conscious earthlings.


Chai-Chia Pudding

Chia seed pudding is so easy to make. Use your favorite beverage to soak the seeds overnight.
In the morning, add nuts, coconut, soaked goji berries, or anything your heart desires.
Filled with Omegas! And like the oat bar, rich in protein, fiber, and hearty. What a way to kick-start your day.

gluten free breakfast

Slice like bread, and toast it.

Slather with your favorite topping like apple, pumpkin or almond butter. Or try coconut oil with lemon curd.
Or keep it simple with butter or honey.

gluten free snack, coconut

Warm it up.

5 minutes in a toaster oven or 10 seconds in a microwave will bring out that just-baked flavor and aroma. 

gluten free breakfast, quick and easy

Oatmeal simplified.

Put an oatcake in a bowl, add milk (or milk alternative) and microwave. Top it off with nuts. 
Or straight out of the package... our favorite way.


gluten free snacks for kids

A Hearty Breakfast. 

Crumble into a bowl of yogurt, milk or milk alternative. Add fresh fruit if desired.


gluten free breakfast

Healthy dessert.

Crumble your oat bar into a bowl. Add fresh fruit or frozen dark cherries and pour unwhipped heavy cream all over.

gluten free breakfast


Slice any oatcake in half. Put some low-fat frozen yogurt or ice cream or almond butter or jam in the middle.
Now wrap your mouth around that!

gluten free desserts

Nutrients on the road.

Stuck in traffic? Keep a few in your car. Traveling by plane? Throw one in your carry-on.
And remember to share one with your co-pilot.

gluten free snacks for travelling

Nature fix.

With or without the trail mix. No sticky fingers, no crumbling. Only happy energized hikers, bikers, surfers and fishermen too.

gluten free hiking snacks

5 of Hearts.

Playing Ma Jong, hosting a book club, in charge of the lacrosse team snack?  Serve goji berries,
a handful of almonds and cacoa nibs along with a  Heart Thrive for the perfect blend of lightweight energy.
You'll ace anything.

Heart Thrives gluten free snacks

​How do YOU enjoy your Heart Thrive
and California Suncakes healthy snacks? 

Share a good picture and your favorite way to eat our energy bars, and you will be featured
on our website, and receive a free dozen with your next order.


Into the Lunch Box

What’s a healthy lunch box without protein and fruit? Savor the Suncake. Save the banana for later.
It could be a super hero kinda day. 

kids gluten free lunch

A Chai Kind of Day 

Cozy up with a cup of hot spiced chai and your Heart Thrive of choice. This combo will boost your
energy and prep you with the protein and fiber you need on those cold, pick-me-up mornings.

Heart Thrives gluten free snacks with tea

Tea for Two

A gourmet blend of Heart Thrives alongside almond butter filled dates and a sprinkling of coconut,
all washed down with a late morning tea to propel you through that 11:00 meeting or serve as the perfect healthy treat to enjoy with granny. 

gluten free breakfast

Lean Green 

A triathletes dream. Kick off your day the smart way. Sink your teeth into a Heart Thrive.
Later, try Adeles delicious almond shake—try it with coconut water, agave, vanilla and chlorophyll (for green goodness). 

gluten free smoothie

The Scoop on Group

Hosting a book club? Driving the basketball team to practice? Spice up the fruit-and-nut snack
with a bunch of Heart Thrives to get those brains and bodies ready for action.

gluten free snack

Sunrise Fuel

Wake up and smell the health food. At The Healthy Baking Company, we go for a Heart Thrive
and Adele’s Sunrise Smoothie (almond milk, goji berries and a banana) to start our day. Orange you glad you did?

gluten free breakfast

Merry Muesli Morning

It's a muesli morning with oats soaked in yogurt and coconut milk. Topped with fruit, almonds, chia seeds,
and drizzled with a touch of maple syrup.

gluten free breakfast

Eat it Two

Birthday or any day…have your cottage and oat cakes and eat  'em too! 
Frost with berries and syrup. Make a wish.

gluten free birthday