Ongoing Discounts

 4 is MORE

Order at least 9 six-packs (4.5 doz) to receive that last six-pack for free. Mix and match LOVE-aroons, Heart Thrive, or California Suncakes.  Type in the discount code 4isMORE2017 at Checkout and $13.60 will be deducted from your order no matter what products you select!  ** Pay for 8 six-packs and receive 9. **

8 is GREAT
Save $27.20 with our "8 is Great" promotion!  Here’s how it works: Order and receive 9 dozen to receive 1 dozen for free. Order 18 six-packs, and you’re only paying for 16.  Mix and match LOVE-aroons, Heart Thrive, or California Suncakes. Type  in the discount code 8isGREAT2017 at Checkout to get $27.20 deducted from your total order, no matter what product mix you choose. Your per package price just dropped a lot!

Is this your first time using our online store? Welcome! Order and receive 2 1/2 dozen, pay for 2 dozen.  Order and receive 5 six-packs to get that last six-pack for free. Type in the discount code FIRSTtime2017 to get $13.60 off your first order.  Mix and match -- the code will work on any product selection!

When you email us a photo of yourself enjoying one of our products, we will send a promo code good for 1/2 dozen free Suncakes, Heart Thrive or LOVE-aroon with a 2 dozen minimum order.