HandleBAR -- 3 NEW COCONUT BAR FLAVORS -- Cacao Chili --- Chocolate Vanilla --- Spiced Chai


2024 promo codes -- (plus additional ways to earn freebies                                 

First Time Customers: If this is your first time using our online store, welcome! Simply place in your cart 2.5 dozen (quantity 5 six-packs) and receive $13.50 off your order. You may mix & match from these four product lines: THE Bar, Maxaroon, HandleBar, & CoffeeHouse Bar. Use discount code FirstTime24 at checkout, and  $13.50 will be deducted. One use per customer please.

NOTE: If your name is already in our database but have not ordered since 2020, we will honor this code. And welcome back!

4 is More: Simply place in your cart at least 4.5 dozen (9 six-packs) to receive $13.50 off your order. You may mix & match from these four product lines: THE Bar, Maxaroon, HandleBar, & CoffeeHouse Bar. Use anytime discount code MoreThan4 at checkout, and $13.50 will be deducted. 

8 is Great:  Simply place in your cart at least 18 six-packs (9 dozen) to receive $27.00 off your order. You may mix & match from these four product lines: THE Bar, Maxaroon, HandleBar, & Coffeehouse Bar. Type in the discount code GreaterThan8 at checkout, and $27.00 will be deducted from your total order. You may use this promo code anytime.


More freebies...

Share an email or 3 or more:  Send us an email list of your friends and family. If they mention your name in the notes section at checkout, you will receive two of our variety 8-packs for free the next time you order, and they will receive one free 8-pack as well as take advantage of our first-time promo. The more addresses we receive the better. We will include them on our email blast outs, so be sure to let them know you shared their address with us! Other then this, we do not use social media, so we need consumers like yourself. They may choose to unsubscribe.

Tell a Friend:  Introduce a friend to us by sending them a gift. Give us their address. Write your own note to them in the "notes" section at checkout. If and when they place an order with us, you will receive 2 free dozen. And thank you!

Share Your Selfie: Send us a new photo that shows you enjoying our new rebranded bars. We will likely use your photo on our website photo gallery and possibly in our email promotion campaigns. In trade for your great photo, we will gift you two variety packs. Send selfie to: orders@thehealthybakingco.com. Then look for your picture on our website.

Ten Seconds of Gratitude: Send a brief yet wonderful video of you or your friend enjoying a bar (anywhere you are). We will use it on our website, and gift you two variety packs. Send video to: orders@thehealthybakingco.com. And thank you!

Email Addresses are Helpful:  Please forward our email campaigns or share our website address to anyone you know who can use the gift of good food bars for good health. If they order and are a first time online customer of ours, and they mention your name in the notes section at checkout, you will receive a gift from us of two of our variety packs. And thank you!

Tell-A-Store:  Give us the name(s) of independent stores/cafes where you'd like to see our products. Better yet -- give that store OUR name. Some stores tell us that they'll take our product when their customers (YOU) request it. And thank you!!


Important Notes & HOW TO:
              1. Simply grab your promo code, then go to the SHOP menu above, and after you've shopped, enter your code (at checkout) in the "gift card/discount code" box.
              2. Only one promo code can be used for any one order unless stated on the emailer you are automatically subscribed to when we receive an order from you -- in which case we will spell it out there. If your promo wasn't accepted, give us a call, and we'll take care of you.
              3. Note: Variety and mixed packs not included.
              4. You may find an unexpected heart-felt gift in your package on occasion! Thank you for your loyalty. 
              5. Promo codes are not case sensitive.
              6. When ordering: Our products come in 1/2 dozen (six-pack) increments. Example: quantity (Qty) 1 equals 1/2 dozen. Qty 3 = 1.5 doz. You may also enjoy sampling one single 2-ounce unit. 
              7. We love to receive notes anytime. Send us one in the 'notes' section at checkout.