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From Our Founder Adele


I’ve always loved my Mom’s oatmeal-chocolate chip coHealthy Baking Founder Adeleokies. In addition to being delicious, they inspired me to start my own cookie business.

I launched in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1982 with a traditional brand of cookies. I was 22. The cookies were an instant success.

Twelve years later, my cookie customers inspired me to branch out and develop healthier treats. They wanted a tasty product without added fats, wheat or refined sugars* ---in short, a nutritious and delicious health bar. In response, California Suncakes and Heart Thrive were created. 

You can order conveniently online, or find them at a variety of locations throughout the country, including cafes, campuses, and health food stores. Our products are easy to take on the go. Throw one in your child's lunchbox, your pocket, briefcase, or travel pouch for a pick-me-up food choice any time of day.

To your health and happiness, 


Heart Thrive


Our Company History

Most people value all natural foods and want more wholesome goodness in their lives. To help meet this growing demand, Adele Gronner began 'Joy of Cookies' in Northern California in 1982. Her no preservative approach won many adherents and her business quickly grew to service the cities of the San Francisco bay area. 

In 1994, Adele created the fruit & juice flavored 'A Better Oatcake. A Better Oatcake was a revolutionary soy & oat based health bar – an attempt to craft a perfect food. These handy meal replacements were high in protein, high in fiber, low in fat and made without wheat, dairy, oil or cholesterol. Her 'oat pucks' became the rage and were soon sold in over 1,000+ retail locations in the western United States, including such chains as Whole Foods.

Healthy Baking product attributes

By 1999 Adele had incorporated, and A Better Oatcake was renamed California Suncakes. Sales expanded to the eastern seaboard with the introduction of vacuum packing. In 2001, shelf life was further extended with the introduction of individual Suncake packages. Now her customers could have the best of both worlds – fresh baked taste and shelf stable quality!

Adele's passion to create extraordinary food has remained vital. In 2002 she released the Heart Thrive vegan energy bar. Heart Thrive have fewer calories than her earlier products yet deliver up to a whopping 30% of your daily protein needs. Metabolizing slowly*, Heart Thrive provide fuel for hours and are ideal for diabetics. They are also fortified with as much calcium as an 8 oz. glass of milk and as their name implies, they're also great for your heart!

The local medical community quickly embraced Heart Thrive where they are recommended as smart nutrition at growing number of health clinics, including ones at Kaiser, California Pacific, & Alta Bates.

The company continues to grow, and today all of the great products live under the umbrella that best describes our passion - The Healthy Baking Company. 


Heart Thrives and Suncakes Promise

* People metabolize the same food at varying speeds and should monitor their sensitivity.

* Only the Chocolate Chip and Cranberry flavors contain small amounts of refined sugars