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FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Products

WHAT ARE YOUR PRODUCT LINES?  We have more then one product line of healthy energy bars. Our oat bar line called The Healthy Energy Bar (originally & formerly called Heart Thrive & California Suncakes) come in 8 fruit or chocolate filled flavors. Our Maxaroon is our all coconut bar (which even non-coconut lovers love!!) They come in 6 creatively mouth-watering flavors. Only 4 ingredients! The latest and greatest is our CoffeeHouse bar made of hemp/coconut/oats. Choose from 5 awesome coffeehouse flavors. 

 WHY THE HEART SHAPE?  To begin with, it's cool looking. And because oats are good for your heart. Also no one else has a heart shaped bar.  And because our original bar was called Heart Thrive.  For the love of oats . . . from our heart to yours!

 CAN I STILL FIND HEART THRIVE & CALIFORNIA SUNCAKES? No, but fear not. Those product lines have simply become oneThese two original bars which have been on the market for three decades have been rebranded to The Healthy Energy Bar. The recipe is the same. The size is now 2 ounces per package unit. The package design has also changed but you can still find (on the rebranded package) the flavor icon designs that were used to distinguish flavors on the California Suncakes packages. There are a total of eight favorite flavors to choose from.

WHY THE REBRAND?  We chose to line up with market prices in order to keep our doors open after 38 years of serving high quality health food. Being a value ‘meal’ for decades without hiking our prices for the ongoing hikes we were left with (wages, shipping, ingredients, etc) has kept us in the red for too long. This was a hard decision, but we are sure it was a good one. Had we not rebranded, our bars would no longer be in the marketplace. Thank you for your support.

WHY EAT THE HEALTHY ENERGY BAR?  Few foods elicit such instant health recognition as oats, the leading ingredient of these oat bars. A remarkable source of nutritional and caloric value, oats have been a health food staple for millennia. The FDA was the first to claim oats are good for your heart. From ours to yours.

WHY ARE THEY “PERFECT FOOD?”  On the go, or at a relaxed moment, The Healthy Energy Bar with their blend of oats, real fruit, and proteins provide hours of low glycemic, wholesome and balancing fuel for healthy bodies. No blood sugar spikes or low crashes. Oh yeah, and they taste great too! Genius! Perfect!

WHO EATS YOUR PRODUCTS? Hikers, bikers, travelers, students, nursing mothers, toddlers, and weekend warriors. From health conscious earthlings to health challenged individuals of all shapes and stripes. From techies, to corporate folk, and grandpa, too. Our healthy treats are loved by many. Please see the many testimonials we have collected.

WHAT MAKES YOUR PRODUCTS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER ENERGY BARS?  First off our bars are not the type of energy that provide a quick powerful burst, but rather a healthy version of an energy bar with fuel that sustains and balances. Ours are all gluten free, nut free, and vegan, non-filler ingredients, great taste, heart-shaped, with health benefits to boot, and an honest nutrition label. Ours bars are not loaded with sugar, added oils, or trans fats. Two of our product lines have no soy or any flours of any kind. Our bars are unprocessed and have wholesome and organic ingredients you can pronounce.  But the biggest difference is we do not out-source, nor do we have a distribution network where bulk warehousing is a necessity which may require a shelf-life that would also necessitate preservatives. We have preservative-free products. Being our own bakery, we are able to remain a small made-to-order mom-n-pop shop enabling us to manage an environment free of allergens that so many folks tend to steer away from. 

ARE THEY A GOOD SNACK CHOICE?  The best. They will sustain you with balancing fuel for hours. Some folks even choose to eat them as a meal. Warning: don’t make plans to have lunch or dinner after consuming an oat bar! 

HOW FRESH ARE YOUR PRODUCTS?  Super fresh. Baked Yesterday. Packaged Today. Shipped Tomorrow. Please Freeze!!

WHAT ARE THE FLAVORS OFFERED?  The 8 flavors of The Healthy Energy Bar are: Got Apricot?, Cranberry Orange, Apple Cinnamon, Delightful Date, Lemon Poppy Seed, Raisin Spice, Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Orange. 
CoffeeHouse Bar comes in 5 flavors which are: Mexican Coffee, Chai Chai Chai, Hot Hot Cocoa, Ginger Brew’d, and Matcha Green Tea. Maxaroon comes in 6 flavors and those are Chocolate Orange, Minty Chocolate, Sea Salty Maple, Lemon Poppy Seed, Ginger Pina Colada, and Yellow Curry Ginger. 

ARE THEY GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH?  Heck yeah! That's why we make them. Not only are they good for your health, they are good to eat too. Double Bonus!! Without making a "drug" claim (to keep in alignment with FDA rules) just take a look at the many testimonials we have been fortunate to collect, as well as medical quotes, and see for yourself the health benefits others are experiencing after including The Healthy Energy Bar as part of their lifestyle. 
NOTE: Most of the testimonials on our website refer to California Suncakes & Heart Thrive — which has been rebranded to The Healthy Energy Bar but is the same product inside the package.                                                         

CAN DIABETICS ENJOY YOUR BARS?  Many diabetics and those with low blood sugar include our bars in their lifestyle diet choices since they are low glycemic ingredients. No blood sugar spikes. No low crashes. Simple wholesome goodness with sustaining and balancing fuel. Check out our ‘testimonial’ page to see what some diabetics have to say. 

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS GLUTEN FREE?  They are under the FDA limit of 20 parts-per/million, therefore we may label them as “gluten-free.” The organic oats we use are milled at a facility that also processes other grains, so minute amounts of gluten may be present. Gluten intolerant individuals have not reported any reactions when eating our products and iin fact it has been reported to us that even those with celiac disease can tolerate our oat bars. If you are cautious and try it for yourself you’ll see if it’s an acceptable choice for your body. 

WHY THE ADDED CALCIUM?  Our products are dairy free, and adding calcium in the form of natural calcium citrate to The Healthy Energy Bar gives folks who are vegan the extra calcium they need. In fact more than an eight-ounce glass of milk. Skip your breakfast milk and cereal for a calcium filled oat bar. 

SHOULD I BE AWARE OF INGREDIENTS IN YOUR BARS THAT CAUSE ALLERGIES?  Mostly no. We are a nut free, wheat free, dairy free, gluten free, and a non-GMO facility. We do not share kitchen space with any other company which makes it easy for us to control possible contaminants in our environment. Regarding Soy: There is soy protein in The Healthy Energy Bar yet no soy in our other product lines.                            
Regarding coconut: The FDA lists coconut as a "tree nut" but we don’t know of anyone who is allergic to coconut. Coconut is referred to as the “tree of life.” We think you’ll find a bar that suits your needs. They are all delicious, and not all with coconut.
Regarding Sulphers: We do not use them. We use unsulfered fruit. 

HOW DO I SELL MY FRIEND ON THE DELICIOUS COCONUT BAR?               We are happy to report that many folks have made the switch from being a non-coconut lover to loving our Maxaroon coconut bar. It is a super densely packed cocoon of coconut, but with a great moist mouth feel. And the flavors are deliciously rich. One bite and you’ll delight. This bar is for coconut lovers and non-coconut lovers alike. Share just one bite with your friend, and watch the switch your friend makes. Be careful they don’t eat the rest of your bar!! Some have made the switch but only to consume OUR coconut bars. Dare to become a coco-NUT!

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS RAW?   No, they are baked. . .with love!


ARE YOUR PRODUCTS NON-GMO?  Yes.                                         



Ordering & Shipping

WHAT IS YOUR DELIVERY METHOD?  UPS or USPS—depending on the most cost-effective way to deliver to you.  We ship to all 50 States.

CAN I PLACE AN ORDER BY PHONE OR SNAIL MAIL OR EMAIL?  Yes. We want to make the ordering process as convenient for you as possible. Whether phone, email, or snail mail are your order method of choice, we support you. We are phone people—and we also love to find presents in our mailbox.  Contact us here. Or take note: orders@TheHealthyBakingCo.com   PO Box 841 Lafayette, CA 94549   510.658.3700 / 800.830.0309

Tiny heart"You all are fantastic! Great telephone customer service and web service as well. Thanks for providing such a heart-healthy product. I'm part of the Dean Ornish heart disease reversal program and will be passing along your products to other folks."

Tiny heart"Ordering couldn't be easier - the website is simple to navigate and the service by phone is friendly and efficient.  We couldn't do without Heart Thrives!  Thanks so much!" - M.K. Berkeley, CA

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR MY ORDER TO ARRIVE?  Average delivery time is 2-5 business days from our bakery to your door.

Tiny heart"I love these snacks. They are delicious, tasty and satisfying. I highly recommend them to everyone. There are so many ways to enjoy them, just check out their website. They respond quickly to orders as well and I am always surprised at how quickly they arrive. Thank you." - H.E. North Andover, MA

IS THERE A MINIMUM I HAVE TO ORDER?  Yes, 1/2 dozen. This small amount being a good way to introduce first timers. 

Tiny heart"The Healthy Baking Company provides exceptional customer service. It is always a pleasure doing business with them, whether an order is large or small." - P.H. Scottsdale, AZ


DO THEY TRAVEL WELL?  Better then I do! Yes they do travel well. They pack and travel nicely from our facility in California to your door. They have also been spotted worldwide for those who choose to take some of California with them in their luggage. From commuter trains, to planes and bike lanes, they easily pack in your sack, your briefcase, and your carry-on.

Tiny heart"I LOVE your products.  I live all over the world because of my job, and I never leave without a box of Heart Thrives.  I am very cautious about what I put in my body, which makes it very difficult when living in other countries.  Your Heart Thrives make my body feel like I am in California, eating good, healthy food!  So, I want to say thank you!" - E.B. Los Angeles, CA

Tiny heart“Thanks! You guys are awesome. We take heart thrives on our annual trip to Walt Disney World. Breakfast every day is a Heart Thrive and a special coffee in the park. It just isn’t a vacation without our heart thrives!” - B.B. Clearwater, FL

HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST?  Although they can last longer, our product is best consumed within a month outside of freezer. Some flavors last longer then others -- even up to a year, depending on the climate and the conditions you keep them. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat generating objects for best results. No preservatives, so we recommend freezing (NOT refrigerating) to maintain freshness. They are perishable and will eventually mold. A frozen product thaws in under an hour and tastes as good as fresh. 

Tiny heart“Yesterday I discovered two Oatmeal Raisin Heart Thrives that had been in my freezer for 7 years. OMG! They were so fresh and great tasting! Thank you!”—M.S. Chicago, IL


If you know of a specific store where you would like to see our product, give us a call and we’ll set them up. If the store decides to carry our bars, we’ll send you a promo code to get free shipping. And we thank you in advance. You just became our new best friend! 

WHY ARE THE FLAVORS AND SPICES NO LONGER LISTED?  Although we may have made a mistake in not listing them on the rebranded package, as we have nothing to hide, we chose to go that route this time around because we found out that flavors are not required on the label if they are shown on the front of the package in the flavor name (for instance our Cranberry Orange oat bar has orange extract which need not be listed since it's in the bar flavor name). I always wondered why so many packages never list the specific flavors used. It's the secret ingredients!! So now I know why. Our bar has been copied many times, and if we hadn't been as transparent as we were, our secret would not have been imitated. But we use extracts and never skimp so that every bite is always loaded with chunks of dried fruit or chocolate and bursts with flavor. 

IS YOUR PRODUCT SOLD IN STORES?  Yes. They can be found nationwide in locations such places as health food stores, coffee shops, hipster cafés, juice bars, gyms, hospitals, college campuses, and the like.

Tiny heart"Thanks! I was thrilled to find these in a coffee shop in Dorchester, Mass. I have a very eclectic list of food sensitivities, and these dodge every one! Score for me! It'll be so nice to have a bunch of convenient snacks in my freezer (come to think of it, they probably won't last long). I appreciate your prompt and personal response. Take good care!"- A. Chamberlaine