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Heart-Felt Reviews


Many testimonials from loyal Heart Thrive & California Suncakes fans since the 1990's. Become a fan. Eat a bar (now called The Healthy Energy Bar) and you'll be gratefully addicted. And please won't you send us YOUR heart-felt review?

Also see Doctor & Clinic Recommended -- medical acclaims.


Testimonials/Heart-Felt Reviews: 

Tiny heart"May I please buy more? They are addictive!" -- D. Newman - Vallejo, CA

Tiny heart"These bars just keep tasting better, year after year. No other bar like it." -- Janet H.L. Springfield, IL

Tiny heart"Heart Thrive are the best snack I know of and I can't live without them. Okay...that's a big exaggeration...but when it comes to a healthy, delicious pick-me-up, they are my first (and almost only) choice." -- R.F. New York, NY

Tiny heart "Thank you for continuing to make such a wonderful, healthy, delicious product." -- R.C. Gold River, CA

Tiny heart "I see new studies showing how sugar causes diabetes, cancer, dementia, etc. These bars have no processed sugar, no  dairy, no wheat.They are perfectly nutritious, and quite delicious. After frequent long colds for decades, I have cut back on sugar, and so far no colds for 3 years! These bars stop the craving for sweets and nicely satisfy." -- Garrett (email)

Tiny heart"Here are some yummy desk snacks for busy days when you need a boost." -- C Butterly, Pleasantville, NY

Tiny heart"One for the road is never enough.... I stuff my suitcase with these bars. No joke. Counting reliably on my travel experience is a must." -- Paul P. Eugene, OR

Tiny heart "Those coconut bars were the most delicious snack bar I have ever had, by far! Would love to have more" -- Corey, Berkeley, CA

Tiny heart "I want to sing your praises. You are doing such a ministry. I pass them out at the senior center, and my hairdresser thinks your bars are the cats meow!" -- Georgia Oakland, CA (phone message)

Tiny heart"Please don't ever stop making these bars." - Frances P. (phone message)

Tiny heart "We are very happy to have you locally supplying what we've been wanting. Intra-activity nutritional supplementation has long been on our minds, as osmotic bloating and digestive issues with many other great products, despite boasted purity, still have the tendency to sit upset. Thank you very much for being around." -- Bike shop in Clayton, CA

Tiny heart"Thank you for thinking of those of us with allergies...and taste matters." -- Bethany J. Jackson, WY
Tiny heart "Many runners have stomach issues. Your bars that contain ginger were the only thing I could eat after 12 hours of running. Awesome! I passed the bars out to race directors, and everybody who tried them loved them. I was 2nd place in mens finisher at Crossroads 100." -- C.T. San Carlos, CA

Tiny heart"THE BEST BAR OUT THERE!" -- A.M. Hilton, NY

Tiny heart "This is an honest to goodness plant-based meal bar and it makes the perfect sessions bar for my training horses. They say 'nay' to anything else!" - Annabelle R. Cheyenne, WY

Tiny heart "I just got a shipment of your Healthy Energy Bars. I used to get them as Heart Thrive all the time from the general store on campus at UC San Diego when I was a grad student. I was totally addicted to them (especially Apricot). Then when I moved, I couldn't find them. So I'm glad I found you online. I forgot how much I love these. Thank you." -- Natalie (email)

Tiny heart“Between UPS & UPS/USPS my recent order was returned twice, but you never gave up and you got it to me with super effective customer service. Thank you! You are champions, and I a loyal fan!” — G. M. University Pl, WA (note card that said “You make me a happy camper!”)

Tiny heart"THE Bars are the perfect snack when on the go! Thank you for making a healthy, delicious option without too much added sugar!" -- C.A. Raleigh, NC

Tiny heart "I think every athlete should know about your bars. Enhanced performance, and no stomach-aches." -- Hilton F. Daly City, CA

Tiny heart"Learning about all the good ingredients inside your food meal bars is really amazing – it just proves that people can make healthy packaged food and that even us busy New Yorkers can eat right on-the-go. Thank you very much!" B.M. New York, NY

Tiny heart"It's a cake thing with oats named heart something!" -- (overheard!!)

Tiny heart "When I was pregnant with my son (now 15) I ate apple Heart Thrives every day. Now my 19 year old daughter asks for them for snacks for University. Two generations are thriving with your products." -- Judith F. Renton, WA

Tiny heart "Other energy bars I put in a cookie jar at work and don't mind who puts their hands in. But these heart bars I call a "fine dining bar." Hands off everybody!" -- Ebne, Moraga, CA

Tiny heart "I can't stop loving these bars. Why are they so great?! -- Ed Riverside, RI

Tiny heart "Believe it or not, my horses love these oat bars. They are the perfect training treat. They try to get at them in my pocket. I bought them for myself, and now I have to double my order ... gladly!"  -- J. Shane Sebastopol, CA

Tiny heart"As a retired CNP, I was supplying my favorite physical therapist center in Ohio. They are a hit with the staff of 8. Then I found out these Healthy Energy Bars were brought to the hospital administrators and the chief of orthopedics. Everyone loves that they're nut free, gluten free, & vegan. I myself am glad you use organic oats. I sent several home to my children in AZ and CA.Thank you for a wonderfully made tasty and healthy bar. " -- Adela F. (email)

Tiny heart"These are the BOMB!  Powers me through my rides... and needy tenants." - G.N. Pt. Richmond, CA

Tiny heart"Very cool, personal. flexible company that has created a terrific solution for people with allergies who require quick access to safe sources of protein and calcium. Go for it. Can't get a better price (for the health it provides) anywhere but the source itself. They are small and focus on good product and good service and treat you with humanity." -- E.L. Philadelphia, PA

Tiny heart "I've switched from granola bars to your granola-like bars. So have my kids! Thank you for good and easy and tasty nutrition." --Andie R. San Diego, CA

Tiny heart "I love giving these bars as a Valentine gift for the obvious reason they are shaped like a heart. Even better than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. I've used them as well for perfect Mother's Day & Father's Day gifts. They are always much appreciated." -- B.L.M. Albuquerque, NM

Tiny heart"Thank you for the low sodium, oil free health bars." -- P.C. Eden Prairie, MN

Tiny heart"I tell everyone I know about your Suncakes. Your products will one day bring about world peace, and cause the planets themselves to come into a more harmonious order. No, I'm not a nut, It's just fun to state just how awesome your products are!" -- A.G. St Louis Park, NM

Tiny heart "Thank you for all of your help this past year. We truly appreciate it. These healthy bars are great in the morning with coffee, or as a snack during the day. No need to refrigerate." -- S.W. Wantagh, NY

Tiny heart "Please don't stop making these. We miss the Suncakes, and we would miss these if you stopped making them." - Forrest J. Portland, OR

Tiny heart"Finally my search for a healthy office/weekend/travel snack is over. Thank you for your nutritious Heart Thrive snacks." - R.I. Warrenville, IL 

Tiny heart"Hey we sent a selfie of baby Jesse a few days ago and can't wait for the extra goodies! We are sharing them with everyone we know." - S.W. Brooklyn, NY

Tiny heart"This busy mama just realized we are running low on heart bars! Last time it was our little ones (who loves the bars!) and now its my husband at the office- fueled by your bars to get him through days full of seeing patients! Thanks for providing quality goods that we can all enjoy (especially our baby with a milk protein allergy!!!!)" - S.W. Brooklyn, NY

Tiny heart"Excellent products for a vegan!  Would suggest more people and vendors give this product a try.  I'm thrilled to have stumbled across it -- such an excellent source of nutrition! Thanks so much!"  - K. Krebs Florence, KY

Tiny heart"Enjoy these healthy treats with your coffee in the morning, or snack during the day. We're hooked on these." - J.W. Brooklyn, NY

Tiny heart"Hi all of you wonderful souls. Back for more! Sending them off to college for the little one in your photo gallery -- who is all grown up now -- Emma and her best friend dog Zoe. Every time I see my little girl and our recently passed dog, my heart smiles!! Thank you!! And more importantly thank you for your delicious hearts." - C.Z. Poway, CA

Tiny heart"Yum! I've tried 2 bars 2 years ago. Excited to try healthy-ish gluten free new flavors." - J.B. Bethany, CT

Tiny heart “I love the Heart Thrives. My husband first discovered them at the college he attends. They are the perfect snack for me because I am a Type 1 Diabetic." - C.W. Chipley, FL

Tiny heart“Heart Thrives got me up Mount Kilimanjaro!! Every night I would wake up in my tent with a gnawing hunger and my tent mate and I would share a pack of Heart Thrives. It was our 2:am routine. Thanks for helping me up the mountain." - C.F. Charleston, SC

Tiny heart "It's like emergency fuel for me. I can't leave home without one. They are an essential food for my just-in-case everyday travels." -- J. Anders Portland, OR

Tiny heart"I just wanted to say thank you for the great service and the healthy cakes. I love them and am almost addicted. The service is quick, and efficient. It's great to know there are still businesses out there that care about their customers." - D.L. Nashville, TN

Tiny heart "Now here's a business without a robotic phone system. And they have a wonderful out-going message. They DO answer their phones -- or at least will call you back. A rare old-school human touch. They respond to emails too."  - M.W.Weather S.F. CA

Tiny heart “The world needs more merchants that conduct business like The Healthy Baking Company!  They provide excellent customer service, and their shipping rates are among the lowest in the country. They have a genuine concern for customer satisfaction. I do A LOT of internet purchasing, and rate them among the "top 3" of companies I purchase from regularly. Top notch products and service!" - V.S. Cosby, MO

Tiny heart "Need a sports bar? I found mine. Thank you The Healthy Baking Company for both the coconut and the oat bars. No bellyaches when I run my marathons, because there is no fake food in these bars." -- Tim M. Atlanta, GE

Tiny heart"Many energy bars and snack foods are high in fat, high in sugar or both. Sacrifice one and now you have no taste. Not so with these Heart Thrive snack hearts. Low fat, low sugar, all natural, and they taste great. Like real food. I have one each day, and I never feel guilty about enjoying them. You've found a customer for life!" - M.R. Atlanta, GA

Tiny heart"When I started eating vegan, I really missed my Saturday morning scone. Since discovering your products, I no longer feel deprived & am satisfied." - C.L. Baton Rouge, LA

Tiny heart"Outstanding Products. By eating the Heart Thrives twice daily in my 'Body For Life' Fitness and Eating program, I have dropped 7 lbs. in 20 days. They are a perfect carb/protein balance as a meal, and great to take along on a mountain bike ride as an energy booster." - C.S. Ellicott City, MD

Tiny heart"A very efficient merchant with very easy to understand shipping policies. I love shopping where I know what I am dealing with and when I am going to get my product." - C.B. Santa Cruz, CA

Tiny heart"Feeling satisfied after a good snack is one thing, but knowing how positively it has impacted your health is quite a bonus! Ever since I discovered Heart Thrives at a local coffee shop, they have become a staple in my diet. I am thrilled with this product and how it has contributed towards my goal of leading a healthy lifestyle." - D.D. Pittsburgh, PA

Tiny heart "Thank you for not outsourcing. The best way to control the allergens. It's my go-to meal most days of the week. Couldn't live without you guys!" - H.Mar (emali)

Tiny heart "This is my favorite emergency fuel. It just perks me right up. Perfect for low blood sugar. Your bars are an essential food for me, and so I thank you for providing a pick me up that's sustainable and not too sweet." -- Alice J. NY, NY

Tiny heart"I am an obesity researcher at a food policy institute so I am especially inclined to pay compliments when I come across worthwhile food products. Our world is full of processed foods, the staple of the American diet. A healthy unprocessed snack or meal replacement (especially one made in an environmentally friendly way) always makes me happy." - C.D. New Haven CT

Tiny heart"You all are fantastic! Great telephone customer service and web service as well. Thanks for providing such a heart-healthy product. I am part of the Dean Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program and will be passing along your products to other folks." - R.F. Billings, MT

Tiny heart“I’m a person who's sensitive to wheat gluten and sometimes has no time to make breakfast so they're great for on-the-go people like me. Also, I love the fact that they're not too sweet. Thank you for making such a simple and wonderful product. You now have a new follower." - J.L. Las Vegas, NV

Tiny heart"I push them on all my friends and co-workers. They think I'm a health nut, but really, they're just so good I can't live without them! I'm addicted." -K.F. Albany, NY

Tiny heart"I must say to your company that you do a fine job with your products. I just tasted the new Coffee House Bar. All I can say is dang, and thank you and I love your creations. I didn't know health could taste so good."  - P.J. New York, NY

Tiny heart"I LOVE your products. I live all over the world because of my job, and I never leave without a box of Heart Thrives. I am very cautious about what I put in my body, which makes it very difficult when living in other countries. Your Heart Thrives make my body feel like I am in California (when I'm not) eating good, healthy food! So, I want to say thank you!"  - E.B. Los Angeles, CA

Tiny heart"Decades later and this company still has some of the best bars out there. The Maxaroon bars and The Healthy Energy Bars are a big hit in my family. We like the fiber, and the flavors are to die for. Thank you for providing our daily healthy, energizing, nutritious, & great tasting snacks." - Rich S. Chicago, IL    

Tiny heart"First off, if I can find fault in a product, company and or service I will. This company is nothing short of amazing. Great product, great shipping - but unknown customer service…which is a good thing. Nutritious and most importantly the chocolate chip Heart bars are unreal, been eating two a day for over a year and look forward to them every day. Hot, cold, room temperature, it doesn't matter. I would pay a lot more for this product than what it sells for, it is that good. Good thing these are reasonable because I am on a very tight budget."  B.L. Sioux City, IA

Tiny heart"Ordering couldn't be easier. The website is simple to navigate and the service by phone is friendly and efficient.  We couldn't do without Heart Thrives!  Thanks so much!" M.K. Berkeley, CA 

Tiny heart"I love your products. Thank you for making available the gift of good healthy conscious eating in a delectable guilt-free product." - A.D. Austin, TX

Tiny heart"I'm sure you've received some flack for your re-branding to The healthy Energy Bar. But I say BRAVO. And job well done. You've got to do what you've got to do in order to stay in business with the giants. And I don't want you EVER going out of business. I'll pay the extra to get what I consider a top-shelf product. You've my total support." - B.B. Framingham, MA

Tiny heart"I have IBS, and my symptoms have gone down drastically since I began eating your hearts everyday. Plus they're portable, which is good for people with blood sugar issues like me. I always take one or two in my day pack. They come shockingly fast and I have never had a delivery problem." - E.S. Berkeley, CA

Tiny heart"I am a tennis coach and I don't have time to sit down and eat a meal or snack too often as I am on the court all the time. What a perfect meal in the most convenient package. Nutritious, tasty, easy to digest and fun to eat too! Thanks for a great product!"  - N.H. Ojai, CA

Tiny heart "I discovered your bars at my local coffee shop many years ago, back when they were California Suncakes and Heart Thrive. They have been part of my standard order whenever I visited the coffee shop in the pre-pandemic days. The coffee shop has since closed, and now I am a loyal online customer. The bars have become a daily staple in my diet and they have helped sustain me and have kept me healthy throughout the pandemic. What I like most about your bars is the natural taste and texture, and their homemade, hand-crafted feel. This sets them apart from any other energy bars out there that I know of. I have tried all flavors of your Oat and Coffee House bars over the years, and I like most of them, but my all time favorite is the Matcha Green Tea Coffee House Bar. Thank you for providing such a unique and wonderful product."  - A.J.H. Urbana, IL

Tiny heart"I live off of Heart Thrives, literally. They are the staple of my diet. As a college student with IBS, it's hard for me to find food that's fast, nutritious, and won't make me sick. Heart thrives are the perfect portable meal for me, especially since I'm the "grazing" type, eating all throughout the day. Thank you so much for your wonderful product, I don't know what I would do without heart thrives!! You are helping to put me through college!!" - N.S. Redlands, CA

Tiny heart"I didn't care for products containing coconut until my wife (who knows I'm not a coconut fan) gave me a bite of her Maxaroon bar. I am not only now in love with this bar, but it's the ONLY coconut bar I will eat. This is a superior product. Nice to have found a way to eat & love coconut." - A. Bajer Oakland, CA

Tiny heart"You hit the mark again! Years later, but you still know how to keep making  great products!" - I LOVE the Bar in a Jar. I've tried all the flavors and still don't have a favorite. Guess I love them all." - A.L.D. Newark, NJ

Tiny heart"I never leave the house without my oat bars. You just never know. They are perfect for when I'm stuck in traffic, stuck in a courtroom, or stuck on the tarmac. Perfect emergency food supply. Open my briefcase, and pop one in when I need some fuel that I know will last for hours. Thank you." - L.G.S Sacramento, CA

Tiny heart"I am recent gluten free and semi-veg. Wow, what a difference a little healthy change will do. What the heck have I been waiting for?"  - T.F. (RN, BSN) email.

Tiny heart"Your products were my go-to cooked meal when I was transitioning to a raw food diet. California Suncakes and Heart Thrive were the only non-raw food I ate. Now I am only semi raw, and your bars are still a staple for me. Your company saves me from other so-called "healthy" bars on the market. Thanks for having been ahead of the curve, and still on the leading edge." - Bette C. Boulder, CO

Tiny heart"The best traveling food -- I can't be without." - C. Hill Boise, ID

Tiny heart"The product always arrives fresh, and I immediately put them in my freezer. I find they dry out in the refrigerator. Also I like to keep some in my car just-in-case! But truly, nutritious food never tasted so good." - A. Kahn. Evanston, IL

Tiny heart"I stumbled upon a Heart Thrive bar at a coffee shop in Wabasha, MN (Grumpy Old Men) and it was love at first bite. I had a hard time finding them because I forgot the name. Finally I saw some at another coffee shop in St. Paul, MN -- shortly after I had made my first direct order with you." - J.W. Centerville, MN  ... more from J.W.  ....

Tiny heart"At the racetrack or a 1000 mile day, Heart Thrive bars (of all stripes) are the perfect, easy, super tasty, energy supplying, and healthy snack to nourish the body and keep the mind sharp. Cheers!" - J.W. Centerville, MN  ... more from J.W.  ....

Tiny heart"Perfect fuel for long distance motorcycle riding. In July of 2019 I did a 30-day lap of the USA. I also do long distant rides. I've ridden as much as 1500 miles in 24 hours and other similar types of extreme rides. Heart Thrive bars are my go to fuel to keep on riding." - J.W. Centerville, MN

Tiny heartI just want to say thank you from my whole heart. I lost 30 lbs after incorporating these into my diet. I was first introduced to Heart Thrive while in the military stationed in Alaska, they carried these in the hospital on base. Absolutely love them! Thank you for such a wonderful and healthy product. Loyal customer from here on out.” M.W. Lincoln, MD 

Tiny heart"Exceptional customer service provided. It is always a pleasure doing business with them, whether an order is large or small." P.H. Scottsdale, AZ 

Tiny heart"I love you guys!!!  First of all, I was having an awful day and couldn't even sit for a minute to have lunch today. It was my stashed Apricot oat bar that kept me going. Thank you for that goodness. 2nd -- after a completely crappy day, I arrived home to find my shipment of California Suncakes which included 6 free date Suncakes!!! Thank you for bringing a smile to my otherwise awful day. You saved me twice today. Grateful for all of you! - C. Felber, Chula Vista, CSA

Tiny heart"My granddaughter eats a Heart Thrive for breakfast along with a glass of milk two or three times a week. When I give her breakfast options she says 'Suncake.' " - D.M. Kalamazoo, MI

Tiny heart"I was worried about having to write my order in the "notes" section (because I ordered a variety pack and wanted a flavor combination that was different than the options listed on the drop down menu), but the attention to detail of this merchant was impressive. I am pleased and will definitely re-order. Also, thank you for the 6 free Suncakes I received by being a first-time customer. This enabled me to try a flavor I wouldn't regularly buy, and as a result may indeed order again. Highly recommended." - S.R. Greenville, PA

Tiny heart"Heart Thrives are fantastic! I eat one or two every day while I'm at work. Ordering on-line is a breeze and order fulfillment is flawless. Great product - great company." - B.T. Orlando, FL

Tiny heart"This is the only healthy snack bar I can eat, I can tolerate some of the small amounts of allergens like the soy, and I feel great after eating one. So if you ever go out of business I don't know what I will do short of asking you for the recipe!"Clayton R.L. (email)

Tiny heart"Ordering on-line was very easy, and they offer several price-saving packages and flexibility in flavor choices. We received confirmation email when the order was shipped. Product arrived in perfect condition in two days." - L.H. Brea, CA

Tiny heart"The order always comes within a few days in great shape, and I appreciate the "six free" when you mention the secret word in their monthly newsletter. I have recommended the product to many people, as it is both good for you and far more delicious than most other energy bars." - J.S. San Diego, CA

Tiny heart"Wonderful product. I had gastric bypass done and have been eating 2 chocolate chip heart bars per day. They make up 2 of my 5 meals per day." - W.R. Sioux City, IA

Tiny heart"Suncakes and Heart Thrives are my solution. They are so easy to tuck in a briefcase or backpack and provide the perfect nutritional balance to start my day, especially when I'm on-the-road." - V.A. Boston, MA

Tiny heart"I had a question about the website order form, and Customer Service was very helpful, even calling me back to make sure my order had gone through properly. The product quality is excellent. The cakes are healthy, vegan, and satisfying. I will definitely keep ordering from The Healthy Baking Company when my supply runs low." - J.S. Grand Rapids, MI 

Tiny heart“Your product is the best!  I am a cyclist and your Suncakes are the bomb for longer rides. I eat them exclusively.” - R.N. Fullerton, CA

Tiny heart"I recently started purchasing the product and love it! Used it as a pre half-marathon snack and it kept my energy up the entire time." - N.P. Waterville, ME

Tiny heart“I love them, especially on a cold morning with a cup of coffee. I think my co-workers may be sneaking a few from my office desk.” - S.R. Studio City, CA

Tiny heart"I have ordered California Suncakes for the last couple of years. Their website is user friendly, the merchandise arrives in a timely manner and has always been excellent." K.K. Salem, VA

Tiny heart"Heart Thrives and Suncakes are great products and delivery was prompt. The price can't be beat, especially considering that the nutritional profile is so much better than the average nutrition bar (and there are no dodgy ingredients), and each package contains a generous servings. They also generously throw in six extras for first-time buyers. All of the flavors are great, but the Chocolate Orange is decadent -- no shortage of chocolate. I'd been seeking these out at local coffee shops for years; I'm so glad I decided to order some for myself." - K.G. Fairfax, VA

Tiny heart"I love these snacks. They are delicious, nutritious, and satisfying. I highly recommend them to everyone. There are so many ways you can enjoy them -- just check out their website. They respond quickly to orders and I am always surprised at how fast they arrive. Thank you." - H.E. North Andover, MA

Tiny heart"I've been buying your oatcakes for years and recently began ordering them direct. They are awesome and it is so nice to have a convenient snack or breakfast that is healthy. I keep a box in the freezer at work." - D.G. El Segundo, CA

Tiny heart"I received my Heart Thrives the next day after ordering. They are an excellent product. I highly recommend them!" - L.H. Auburn, CA

Tiny heart“I generally have a heart bar every morning with my tea at work. I love the way it stays with me and keeps me from getting hungry.  On Fridays I sometimes treat myself to the orange chocolate chip flavor, which I’d received a quantity of 6 as my freebie for my first-time order.” - J.C. Folsom, CA

Tiny heart“I absolutely LOVE your cranberry Heart Thrives & Suncakes! They help me to get through an 8 hour day of ballet without ever being hungry or feeling too full to dance! I am currently dancing in New York City and am finally running out  after eating them for breakfast and lunch every day!” - H.M. NY, NY

Tiny heart"I first tried lemon-poppyseed Heart Thrive at a healthy grocery store in Santa Cruz.  I fell in love!  Gluten free, non-GMO and Vegan. The next day I placed my first order online and also received 6 packs of my choice - I chose Apricot. I ordered on a Monday night and received the order on Wednesday in the morning at work. I'm looking forward to trying more flavors!” - M. Rosso, Macomb, MI 

Tiny heart"I just recently discovered your Heart Thrives in the Medford Food Coop, OR. I love them! I rarely buy energy bars, but came across yours at Market of Choice. They were at a reduced price and I was sold! Now I’m happy to buy them at full price and feel like it’s still a good deal. I like them because they are vegan and because they feel more like a healthy, nutritious cookie rather than a candy bar. Thanks for making them!" - J. Davidson, East Moline, IL

Tiny heart"What did you do, change the recipe? Your web site says so. And I thought I was in love before. Now I'm just plain addicted." - M. Candelly San Francisco,CA

Tiny heart"Thanks! I was thrilled to find these in a coffee shop in Dorchester, Mass. I have a very eclectic list of food sensitivities, and these dodge every one! Score for me! It'll be so nice to have a bunch of convenient snacks in my freezer (come to think of it, they won't last long). I appreciate your prompt and personal response. Take good care and thank you again." - A. Chamberlaine Jefferson City, MO

Tiny heart"Whether golfing, reading, or just passing the time, I must have a vegan, gluten free, low-glycemic wonder 'oat' bar nearby!" - T. Franz Santa Rosa, CA

Tiny heart“Goodbye, bread. Hello Apple oatcake. Your products help me stay gluten free." - W. Carlton Seattle, WA

Tiny heart"I love this company! Not only are their products healthy and delicious, their customer service is AMAZING! True story: I accidentally put my order in my basket twice (totally my fault) and didn't realize it until after the transaction was going through. I decided not to contact them to try to correct it, since it was my fault and it seemed like a hassle. Well THEY CALLED ME to ask if I had really meant to do that--because they noticed it was twice what I normally order! When I admitted my mistake, they cheerfully refunded the difference and shipped just what I wanted. How rare is that kind of service? And they ship very quickly -- my order always comes just a few days after I order, even though it comes across the country! Always correct and always well packed. A pleasure to do business with them!" - A.F. Baltimore, MD

Tiny heart"One serving satisfies hunger. Two satisfies a meal. Now I call THAT value. And they fill you up, not out. My new best friend!" - B.B. San Francisco, CA

Tiny heart"I just recently found your Heart Thrive and California Suncakes products in a coffee shop in San Diego. To be short and to the point they were AMAZING! Texture, taste, and of course the nutritional profile really impressed me. I had the Apple Cinnamon and the Raisin Spice. I am a huge fan of both such flavors and quite picky when when it's 'off' let me say. These were on the $$ big time."  - Josh H (military) San Diego, CA

Tiny heart"When I started to eat vegan I really missed a Saturday morning scone. Since discovering your products, I no longer feel deprived and am satisfied." - C.L. Baton Rouge, LA

Tiny heart"I'm not a big fan of coconut, however I was talked into tasting the Maxaroon coconut b ar my girlfriend purchased from the company, and I think I've made the switch. It says on the package "Dare to become a coconut!" I dared, and I became one. Not sure I'll be a coconut lover of other products, but these are truly delicious. Moist, rich, and not too sweet. The Minty Chocolate, and the Chocolate Orange are superb. So is the Sea Salty Maple! Very unique flavors. I'm ready to try the other 3. Thank you! What a treat." -  A.K.Lyn - Dayton, OH