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MAXAROON - Sea Salty Maple (six-pack)

MAXAROON - Sea Salty Maple (six-pack)

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If you're an athlete, you'll enjoy this treat

A healthy yet decadent coconut treat.

Delightfully tasty morsels nestled nicely into a scrumptious coconut cocoon. 

Maxaroon: Maximum Endurance. Minimum Ingredients. 

Maxaroon 'a not too sweet coconut treat'

Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Flourless, Non-GMO, No Trans Fats.

Toss a pack in your sack. Maxaroon will get you there . . . and back.

A new clean cool. Long lasting energizing coconut fuel. 

Sea Salty Maple Ingredients: Organic/Unsweetened/S02-Free Coconut, Brown Rice Syrup, Natural Maple Flavor, Sea Salt.

Sea Salty Maple: Magnificently maple, with just a touch of sea salt. A favorite. 

Energy made the healthy way . . . to balance, and sustain.

You'll fall in love with this coconut bar - whether you love coconut or not. 

So dare to become a CocoNUT.

Each rectangle-shaped bar is 2 ounces.

The FDA considers Coconut a 'tree nut.'