HandleBAR -- 3 NEW COCONUT BAR FLAVORS -- Cacao Chili --- Chocolate Vanilla --- Spiced Chai

HandleBAR - Spiced Chai (six pack)

HandleBAR - Spiced Chai (six pack)

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HandleBAR  "Coconut Fuel to RIDE ON!" 

No Fuss. No Frills. No Fillers. No Flour.

Real Food, Vegan, Soy & Gluten Free, Organic, Flourless, Non-GMO, No Trans Fats.

A simple, healthy and decadent coconut sports bar --- with only 3 ingredients.

Ride the right way, with convenient, refreshing, delicious & balancing nourishment. 

Get a grip and take a trip with HandleBAR. Your bike buddy will wonder what you’re powered on today.

No sticky fingers. No crumbly mess. No bellyaches

HandleBAR will get you there. Just Clean, Cool, Coconut Fuel. 

Spiced Chai Ingredients: Organic/Unsweetened/S02-Free Coconut, Brown Rice Syrup, Proprietary house-blended spices. Caffeine/Tea free

If you're not a coconut fan, you may make the switch with these bars!